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General presentation

Retractable ladders

Exterior staircases in aluminium

Permanent ladders, with or without safety cage

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Accessory safety solutions

Technical specifications


Retractable ladders

Exterior staircases

Permanent ladders


Company presentation


Safety in three applications

JOMY wants to be your preferred vendor for three safety applications:
- Emergency egress public or private buildings such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, embassies, apartments, private lodgings, etc.;
- Access at heights;
- Building façade maintenance.

From concept to fully functional solution

We provide an integrated approach, from conception through development, engineering and production to installation and maintenance, if needed. This enhances accountability and ensures that already from the concept stage, your solution integrates valuable field experience. Our factory and designers use state of the art techniques.

Custom constructions based on modular solutions

Our main strength are our modular solutions in five product lines (see next page). We combine these modular solutions to build custom constructions, while avoiding special purpose development and the associated costs, delays and risks. Our modular product lines result from continuous development, many national and international projects and over 35 years of expertise.

Independent and international

JOMY is an independent Belgian company, situated north of Liège. We have experienced a steady and healthy growth ever since our foundation in 1968 by Gilbert Loix. Today, we are happy to discuss with you our references in over 35 countries, all across the globe. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests for information.

Custom constructions at an affordable price

Ons modulair productgamma maakt maatwerk zeer betaalbaar. Design, engineering en productiemethodes herbruiken verhoogt de efficiëntie en drukt bijgevolg de prijs voor uw constructie. Deze aanpak blijkt vaak concurrentieel, zowel bij lokale als internationale projecten.

Continuous innovation

In our work, every situation is different. Every construction is adapted to the specific requirements of our client. Very often, we can offer an optimal custom solution by combining our modular solution packages. Sometimes, the project requires a new development, which we than add to our modular solutions. Continuous innovation is our main strength.

After sales

Aluminium constructies zijn quasi onderhoudsvrij. Onze after sales is daarom hoofdzakelijk gericht op uitbreidingen, aanpassingen of herstellingen na beschadiging. Daarbij is de modulariteit en de uitbreidbaarheid van onze constructies een onmiskenbaar voordeel.



Retractable ladders: the architect's choice


The JOMY retractable ladder offers an unobtrusive, reliable and burglar proof solution for evacuation and access. It is ideally suited for architecturally valuable buildings:
- Unobtrusive, looks like a drainpipe;
- Deploys instantly from any number of evacuation levels;
- Burglar proof;
- Dependable and reliable with over 10,000 installations;
- With an optional fixed lifeline for secure access and working at height;
- At a reassuring price.

The JOMY ladder has been tested and approved by many agencies across the globe:
- Vinçotte Belgium;
- Underwriters Laboratories USA;
- Japan Fire Service Inspection Institute;
- Bezirksamt Charlottenburg (Berlin) Abteilung
- Bauwesen;
- Fédération Nationale des Sapeurs Pompiers Français;
- Direzione Generale della Protezione Civile e dei Servizi Antincendi, Ministero dell’Interno Italia;
- Fire Prevention Institute of Iceland;
- Civil Defense of Saudi Arabia;
- …

In the same product line, we also offer these simpler retractable ladders:
- The "Mini-JOMY" ladder, a light version to be used as an access ladder only;
- The "JOMY Stick" ambulant ladder, a portable retractable ladder.


Exterior staircases in aluminum


Exterior staircases are often considered the preferred solution for collective evacuation or access. All our staircases are produced from anodized aluminum profiles.

The aluminum advantage
The use of the high-quality material aluminum, despite its relatively high cost per weight, usually leads to the lowest cost solution :
- Aluminum constructions are very light (only about 1/3 of the weight of a similar steel construction), which reduces the impact of the material cost per weight on overall costs;
- Aluminum metalworking and materials handling is very easy when compared to steel, reducing production costs;
- The JOMY stairs were conceived with transport and assembly in mind (light, ready-to-assemble meccano), reducing installation costs;
- Finally, aluminum constructions require no maintenance (e.g. no protective painting) and have a very long life span (over 30 years), further reducing the total cost of ownership.
- …

Moreover, aluminum allows distinctive options such as:
- Stairs with a self-supporting structure, but also suspended stairs;
- Burglar proof counterbalanced lower stairs;
- Many types of paneling of the stairs (perforated sheets, vertical or horizontal profiles, etc.);
- Painting in any desired RAL color (polyester powder coating);
- Many types of anti-slip steps, guardrails, second handrail for children, access gate, etc.


Permanent ladders, with or without cage


Modular system
Our permanent ladders are made from anodized aluminum profiles. They are modular, based on standardized elements and designed for easy installation and wide application versatility.

High-grade finish
The ladders are fully anodized. They feature wide rungs with anti-slip upper side, rounded oblong ladder uprights, seamless upright joining, no sharp edges, round cage uprights fixed in the center of the hoops, optional painting in any desired RAL color (polyester powder coating), etc.

Multiple options
- Ladders with safety cage, with complete hoops, 3/4 hoops or 1/2 hoops, or without safety cage;
- Fall arrest system for ladders without safety cage. The lifeline consists of a fixed aluminum rail an a carriage (see "accessory safety solutions");
- Rest landings according to standards: landings with changing ladder parts or folding landings;
- Access: access ladder extensions, telescopic handrail, horizontal access balcony or upper balcony with rungs or steps to cross roof edges, custom made access solutions, etc.;
- Burglar proof: lower counterbalanced sliding ladder (weights built-in the ladder uprights), access door;
- Fixing: many options to attach the ladder, either parallel or perpendicular to the wall, at distances ranging from 4" to 3'3" or 0.1 to 1 m;
- ...



Mobile acc ess systems


Our permanent access systems are composed of working structures that move over a series of fixed rails, which are attached to the building.
From the working structure one can safely access the façade for cleaning or maintenance purposes. The working structure is designed to meet your specific requirements. It can take many different forms, such as a vertical ladder with or without movable platform, a reinforced ladder (vertical, horizontal or sloped), a staircase, a solid gantry, a gantry that in turn has moveable parts, etc.
The rails carry and guide the working structure. The connection between the rails and the moving parts is made by bogies. In most designs, the movement of the working structure is powered by human force only. JOMY offers two types of rail structures: round and I-shaped. The round rail is used as a "floor" for the structure (the moving part rests on the rail). The I rail is used as a "ceiling" for the structure (the moving part hangs from the rail).

From concept to operations
Based on the desired principles of operation we typically propose one or more designs, using our experience to ensure the designs are practically feasible and provide the desired ease of use.

We also produce custom platforms to be integrated in third party building maintenance units.


Accessory safety solutions


Fall arrest systems
Lifelines can be used on all our constructions for access or working at heights. The JOMY lifeline consists of a fixed aluminum rail and a stepless carriage. The user, wearing a safety belt, is attached to the carriage, which in turn slides over the fixed rail and blocks in case of a fall.
For large horizontal distances we also offer a fall arrest system based on a stainless steel cable.

Mobile platforms
Custom made robust platforms for industrial use.

Balcony ladders
Telescopic ladders, easily deployed to evacuate from one balcony to the next in apartment buildings.

Descender device using a cable and belt in combination with a centrifugal brake to provide for individual evacuation when no means for collective evacuation are available.

Other custom made constructions
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests regarding emergency egress, working at heights or building maintenance units.



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